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Yale Brothers Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

In this episode, The Yale Brothers discuss everything from the 1972 Miami Dolphins, their first concert experience, the iconic Tower Records in Hollywood, the sometimes uncanny "Twin Mind," emotional intelligence and more - including another original song from Chris' archive.


0:00 - "Song For Katie" by Chris Yale

3:41 - Greetings and about the song - and hello to Katie!

4:30 - Meeting Garo Yepremian / 1972 Miami Dolphins / Miami Stadium / Garo's desparate pass attempt

6:18 - Miami Dolphins Fight Song

6:39 - Drawing Dolphins jerseys with Ramon Arronte - still a friend to this day

7:51 - Chick Corea and Return to Forever were on the bill at our first concert in 1977 - Fleetwood Mac Rumours Tour / Kenny Loggins

9:16 - More about that first-concert experience with our friend Matt Ross, his trip to L.A. / Matt and Chris get into a car accident in Miami

13:47 - Concerts as teenagers in L.A.

14:04 - "Twin Mind" and our Tower Records birthday windfall / J.J. Burnel "Euroman Cometh" / Smoking weed in the parking lot with a "music scholar" / Our band was on the sign at Tower Records - "Yale at Gazzarri's" - we won the Battle of the Bands.

18:14 - Chris discusses music delivery formats and his collection.

19:55 - The Magic Wand Disappointment

23:42 - More "Twin Mind" at work: Emotional Intelligence and "tacit subtext."