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Yale Brothers Podcast

Aug 26, 2021

The twins talk about everything from KISS, twins and more bygone Hollywood restaurants to Roger's newspaper work, music producers, songwriters, sonic footprints, the shrinking collective attention span and much more, including another find from the cassette archive.

Photo: Yale Brothers with Pascal Srabian (RIP), circa...

Aug 17, 2021

Celebrating 50 episodes, the twins have a new twist on "Backward Masking." They also cover young Roger's infatuation with Tatum O'Neal, old Hollywood haunts, taking things for granted, first cars, first band, old-school entertainers and much more - including a newly-digitized gem from the cassette archive.

Photo: The...

Aug 12, 2021

The twins jump around like BBs in a skillet, talking about their first trip to Hollywood, their early decision to play music, songwriting as teens, Chris' murderous cats and more - including another digitized gem from the tape archive.

ABOVE: The Yale Brothers at LuLu's North Myrtle Beach (Photo: Tony Bates)


Aug 5, 2021

The twins discuss the fun they had at the Magic Hotel (now Magic Castle Hotel) in Hollywood when they were growing up. Also: Chris' time as a magician, PA systems, basses and other music gear, Chris' old job at Capitol records, Roger's reentry into the newspaper business and more - including another newly-digitized...